Floor Plans are attached to most Downtown MLS Listings

For your information, all  floor plans are tied in to most Downtown MLS Listings.  After signing  in  to www.vancouverfloorplans.com , go to any building web site on www.6717000.com Try  using the search panel at the top right hand corner of any page & type in an address or building name that you are looking for – ie;  1111 Alberni or Shangri-La – result;  http://www.6717000.com/shangrila/ Then click on the left side bar called  “MLS Listings” of any page, once you are in the MLS Listing summary, take note of the extreme right  side of the summary list – if you see an icon in the last column, a floor plan for that listing exists. Click on the floor plan icon & “Voila” – the floor plan opens up for that listing. This same routine applies to most buildings in Downtown Vancouver when searching the maps page www.6717000.com/maps . Another way to get to any building’s web site is by Googling any building name or building  address & you will see that our web site will show up at the top of that Google search. Then click on the link that says ie. “Shangri-La – Building Information” or any other “xxxxx Building Information” that has a domain starting with www.6717000.com


While signed in, you can also search for any building using our Downtown Maps Section www.6717000.com/maps Simply mouse over any of the 7 maps, then click on any blue square representing a building, then click “MLS LISTINGS” at the top left hand corner of the building web site.


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  1. Wisconsin is now ready to do real estate sales. I thank God. What was an agent to think?

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